Minutes of the Grange Meeting May 17th, 2015 download doc

  • Attendees: Bob R., Gail W., Julie A., Teresa H., Barry R., Thorp M., Julia M., Linda M.

Addition to the Agenda:

  •   June 13th-Lion’s Dinner at Lee Downings Memorial Park.  Ask Grange to sell desserts.
  •   June 28th to July 2nd-Received mail about Grange State Convention and Raffle of Goodie Baskets-profit goes to the Junior Grange .
  •   July 31th- Chairs and Tables privately rented

Dates of Interest

  • 6/13 June Pre-Meeting…Where? At Teresa’s House.  That same day we will be at the Lions’ Dinner, serving desserts at  the Park.
  • 6/21 June Regular meeting
  • Others?  Julie A. wanted to let us know the 5gal. Cooler for Drinks.  The one mark MVG is to be used only for water.

Old /Unfinished Business:

  • Caretaker business  Electricity payment checked.
  • Scholarship winner?  So far we have received 4 applications.  They are 1 from Mohawk, and 3 from Thurston H.S.
  • Banner? For Booth-Julia will look for the one used at the Mary Cole Parade.
  • Dessert fundraiser at Lion’s Picnic vote Julie A. made motion. Bob R. seconded.  Passed.  Julie will call Lions and see if they will charge $10 for a dinner.  This will include dessert from the Grange Dessert Table.  We also will sell whole pies and other goodies.

Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report: The basket Fundraiser has not been totaled yet.  The total in our bank account is $3495.
  • Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee Teresa will check with Tammy F. at the store and see if we will be in charge of the parking for Mary Cole Day.
  • Fundraising Committee:  Julie A. said we will have one more basket sale at the Church’s Sale in June.  She will find  out the date.

New Business:

  • Projects for 2015: Linda M. made the suggestion “instead of thinking about giving the kitchen a whole facelift.  I think it would make sense to do some small upgrades right away.”  I got this idea when talking with Licia S.  She was mentioning what would make putting on dinner event safer, more convenient and up to code is to have 3 sinks and a oven that can handle big pans.  Julia mentioned new tables that are not as heavy as the old tables.
  • Linda made a motion and Teresa seconded that we spend $200 for maybe 4 tables, 8′.  Teresa was going to check at the price at Costco.
  • Other? Julie A. will get our First Aid Kit together.
  • Raffle: Barry made the motion.  Thorp M. 2nd.  We voted to buy 12 tickets to win a goodie basket and the profit goes to the junior Grange activities.

Meeting adjourned