Next LEPP meeting Thursday, March 15 from 7-9 pm at
Mohawk Valley Community Grange 93727 Marcola Rd

– Volunteer Neighborhood Leader Training –
Download the flyer and spread the word to your neighbors »

In this follow up to the first Local Emergency Preparedness Planning meeting you will learn how to help yourself, help your neighbors, help your family as we put the pieces of the valley disaster plan together. We’ll cover:

  • What supplies are absolutely necessary to have on hand?
  •   What should we do immediately in the event of a sudden disaster?
  •   How do we care for the elderly, disabled, pets, and livestock?
  •   What if our children are in school when disaster strikes?
  •   What if your children are home but you are at work?

Come learn more about the ‘Map Your Neighborhood’ Program and how to get more of your friends and neighbors involved and prepared.

To volunteer, or get more information, call
Ellen Furstner 541-933-2246 or
Laurie Smart 541-933-3378