Last Saturday’s LEPP meeting resulted in a big list of participants interested in more. We’re currently putting all the names in the computer for follow up. We’re also starting to compile a list of local resources with who does what, where to call, links to online resources and more. We’ll be posting that on this website for easy reference when it’s ready.

One of the topics that many people were concerned about was the issue of animals in disaster. Laurie Smart has tracked down an ongoing program aimed at training people in the community to assist with animals in dire situations.

Lane County Animals In Disaster Response Team Training
Animal Handling Techniques and Responder Safety
– Michael Rogers Room Lane County Mental Health 2411 Martin Luther King Blvd, Eugene, OR 97401

To register for the trainings email:

To sign up as a volunteer and receive future mailings: Go to  – Animals in Disaster

Register Guard Article:
A reporter from the RG came out to the LEPP meeting to interview local residents and see what it was all about. Read about the Local Emergency Preparedness Planning meeting in the Register Guard. Here’s the Link »