The Mohawk Valley Community Grange will have a booth again this year at the Northwest  World Reggae Festival.

In fact, we’ll be doing breakfast in the mornings and our famous strawberry lemonade in the afternoon & evening. If you’re at the festival stop by, grab some grub or refreshment and say hello!

Volunteer opportunities are still available so contact Julia Mooney (541-915-9392) to find out what you can do.

As of now (Wednesday) we really need volunteers to help pick strawberries tomorrow. See Julia’s full post below:


Friends–  The Mohawk Valley Community Grange Strawberry Lemonade booth  is looking for people who would help pick the strawberries on Thursday Aug. 9th at 8am if we pick we will save 50% of the cost for a flat of strawberries. Maybe, we could do some carpoling. You  will receive a pass to the Reggae Fest. happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Marcola. There are still some times open for booth workers.  Friday at 3pm to 7:30pm, included 1/2 hr for closing ,  and Sunday 10:30am to 3pm included 1/2 hr for opening.

The crew who will be setting up and taking down will have passes, too. (Dan and Bo H.)

Booth crews
Friday- 10:30am to 3pm=Johanna, Diane
3pm to 7:30=_____________________

Saturday-10:30am to 3pm= Halley and Louann Rhoades
3pm to 7:30pm= Linda M., Teresa H.

Sunday- 10:30am to 3pm= ___________________
3pm to 7:30pm= Joan and Tom B

Please send this on to Friends who you think my help.

Please email or call me, 541-915-9392 .
Thank you, J