Mohawk Valley Community Grange
April 21, 2013

Welcome: Linda Mooney: ‘Thanks all for being here at the monthly meeting. We are here to give the best of our collective talents to the good of our community.’

Flag was present. All Grange accouterments are present.

Bring to order:
Assist Chair: (Bob Russell/Barry Rogers) ‘Now is the time to bring together our thoughts and ideas for this Grange meeting.’

Reader: ____________ chose an inspirational passage.

Chair: “As friends, neighbors, and Grange members keep in mind that thoughtfulness, charity and integrity in all our interactions will bring the sense of community that we all value.”

Assist Chair: “Our meeting will begin with a moment of silence to remember the importance of our world, country, state and local community.”



Roll Call of Officers:

Approve the minutes from last meeting


Check and approve calendar for May/June:

  • 5/11: May pre meeting at Ellen & Lon’s @ 6:00 PM
  • 5/19: Grange Business Meeting 6:00-8:00 PM at Grange
  • 5/11: June pre meeting at Teresa’s? @ 6:00 PM
  • Yoga every Wed PM and Thurs AM at Grange


Reports from Committees:

  • Treasurer’s Report (Teresa)
  • Reggae committee (Julie A./Julia) 
  • Mary Cole Celebration (Anybody? Float?)
  • Membership Community (Barry) 
  • LEPP: (Ellen) 
  • Scholarship committee: (Ellen & Lon) 
  • Facilities: (Tom)

Old Business/Unfinished Business:

  • Update on Yahoo Group; MVCG Website – Heather?
    • Online payment form set up?
  • Railings for both sets of steps by 4/15
  • Scholarship Applications? (Ellen/Lon)
  • Architect (Barry)
    • Historical status for building
  • LEPP Art contest (Laurie)
    • Budget and donations procedure
    • Prize purchasing etc through Grange

New Items:

  • Birdhouses (Susan Maier?)

Email additions:

Next meeting’s business:

We closed the meeting and the flag was put away.

Minutes submitted by Wendy Kimball.