*UPDATE/CORRECTION (5/24/13) : The function at the Grange on June 1st  is by invitation only.  Anonymous will send invites. 

Mohawk Valley Community Grange

Meeting Agenda, May 19, 2013

Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books and Reading

Welcome: (Co-Leader – Barry Rogers) “Thanks for being here. We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Co-Leader Linda Mooney) “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Reading: Linda Mooney gave the reading.

Attendees:  Laurie Smart, Lon Otterby, Bob Russell, Julia Mooney, Linda Mooney, Wendy Kimball



Standing Items:

  • Roll call of officers:
  • MOTION to approve past minutes: Laurie motioned to pass the minutes Barry 2nd, no discussion passed.
    • 6/1 Fundraiser organized by Anonymous – no longer a fundraiser.  A private event but Grange members are invited.*
    • 6/8 Pre-Meeting at Teresa’s 6PM
    • 6/16 Grange Business Meeting 6:00-8:00PM
    • July meeting will not happen.
    • July pre meeting @ Bob’s July 6th @ 6:00PM


  • Treasurer’s Report –


Old /Unfinished:

  • Scholarship: any applicants?  As of now the committee has received 2 applications.
  • Rental Problem: Letter was written;A should it still be mailed?  Joan will contact the renters and discuss the situation.  The 2nd situation was discussed.  Bob moved to hire a surveyor for $200.  Lon 2nd no discussion.  Passed.
  • Any new: Address parking issue with neighbors


Announcements /Acknowledgments: Joan suggested that we hire someone to mow.  Discussion about a lawn mower and who to hire.  Bob will check with neighbor kids and who has a lawn mower.

Linda talked about opening the safe and how to go about it.  It would be easiest to haul it in to town.  We look to see if we can get the serial numbers.

Facilities Committee: (Bob, Tom,)

Membership Committee: None.

LEPP: Laurie:  The LEPP has been asked by the Elementary School to help with Shotgun Last Day celebration.  Laurie asked for more volunteers.  Julia and Bob will attend.

New Business:

  1. Reggae Festival Booth: July 27th Volunteers? Supplies? Schedule? Julia signed the Grange to do the Strawberry Lemonade booth.  She did a sign up with people that would like to help at the booth.
  2. Mary Cole Celebration: August 10th Float for parade? Booth?  We talked about decorating a float to pull the Old Time Fidders.  Teresa discussed raffling blueberry plants.
  3. Grange Remodel: Laurie has info.  She contacted several corporations.  They budget in the fall and issue Grants in January or February.  It would require a large membership push.  It was discussed how to do that.

For the good of the order:

Closing: The Board meeting is ended. Displayed items are stored.