Meeting June 16, 2013

Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books and Reading

Welcome: (Co-Leader – Barry Rogers) “Thanks for being here. We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Co-Leader Linda Mooney) “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Reading: Anonymous gave a reading.

Attendees:  Teresa Hill, Bob Russell, Barry Rogers, Linda Mooney, Joan Baratta & Wendy Kimball

Guests: Andrew McFarland


Standing Items:

  • Roll call of officers:
  • Dates of Interest
    • July pre meeting @ Bob’s July 6th @ 6:00PM
    • No July Grange Meeting.
    • 7/26,27 Reggae Festival
    • 8/3 August Pre-Meeting
    • 8/10 Mary Cole Celebration
    • 8/18 August Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report.  Teresa gave report. Bob motioned to except Laurie 2nd Passed.

Old /Unfinished:

  • Scholarship: Sadie Dean won the scholarship.  She will be attending NW Christian University.
  • Rental Problem: Joan called the family.  The issue is over and we will let it go.
  • Survey Discussion.  Bob contacted Don Row.  Don has met with a title company and received documentation including the easement.  We discussed putting up fire lane signs ‘No Parking’.  Bob & Barry will meet with Don once he surveys the driveway.  Bob will report back.
  • Insurance.  Barry met with his insurance agent.  It is up to the rentals to provide insurance.  There was discussion about increasing the liability insurance.
  • Reggae Lemonade Booth  (Julia)
    • Money?
    • A group is picking strawberries on Tuesday
    • Schedule of workers.  Julia has a schedule.
  • Grange Caretakers
    • Expectations.  We discussed where they would park, how much would they pay for electricity.  And what work would they do.  We need to write an agreement.  Linda, Bob & Laurie will meet to finalize the details immediately.   Laurie motioned to negotiate this lease and the committee will authorize this lease. Bob 2nd passed.


Announcements /Acknowledgments: Koodoo’s to Teresa for selling blueberries plants.  Barry acknowledged Anonymous for her letter of suggestions.  And Carrie for helping with the shed clean up yesterday.  The Grange will reimburse Lane Forest bill of $16.00 to Carrie.

Facilities Committee: (Bob, Tom, Barry)

  • Architect’s plans; additions? Subtractions?
  • Now what? Barry is still communicating with the Architect and will meet with him.
  • Painting the Grange? This can happen after the upgrade.  Anonymous will paint the door frame in the mean time.

Membership Committee:

New Business:

  • Andrew’s Suggestions (Andrew).  Linda talked with Heather.  Andrew is researching internet, wireless and any product to help upgrade the Grange.  As far as the entertainment part:  we would like to sell the large speakers.  Andrew will look at the amps, etc and report back.  We would like to schedule a movie night in the winter.  Lots to discuss…seating, etc.
  • Anonymous’ Comments and Suggestions  (Anonymous) Linda read her suggestions and comments.
  • Pay Pal (Heather)It’s the bank that won’t let Pay Pal happen.  We can set it up without the ‘non profit’ and pay a small fee.  Linda will call Pay Pal and ask about the ‘non profit’.

For the good of the order:

Closing: The Board meeting is ended. Displayed items are stored.