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October 19, 2014

Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books and Readings

Welcome: (Barry R) “Thanks for being here.  We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Co-Leader-Linda M.)  “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Reading:  Bob R. read 2 inspirational quotes from the Sun Magazine

Attendees: Barry R., Bob R., Linda M., Teresa H., Julie A., Julia M., Thorp M.

Dates of Interest

  • 10/19 Regular meeting
  • 10/25 Harvest Festival
  • 11/2 DST ends….We all agreed to keep the start time for all meetings at 6PM
  • 11/8 Pre-meeting: Barry’s House
  • 11/16 Regular meeting

Old /Unfinished Business

•    Volunteer Hours paper was filled out

•  Dictionaries will be taken to Marcola Elementary School by Julie A.

  • Coffee House Wednesdays – Linda will contact Laurie S to find out if the Coffee House is still happening. If it is not notices will be put out to Lon O. for his email, Heather M. for the Google calendar, and Linda M. for the Mohawk Messenger.
  • Rentals – None
  • Caretaker business: See new business
  • Petty Cash: none needed
  • Finalize furniture rental agreement – done
  • Harvest Festival
  • Straw Scramble – Deb and Althea; reimburse them for prizes
  • Music – Tony’s group will play on the porch
  • Kitchen: Julia
  • Chili, cornbread, dessert contest
    • Certificates – Julie A. will create them & send to Barry for printing
    • Voting will be done as before
    • Potluck dinner and voting
  • Pumpkin carving – yes
  • Chainsaw carving – yes
  • Decorations – yes
  • Membership Table – Barry &/or Bob
  • Me & Moore – donating all the pumpkins, Grange will pay for a $15 ad in the Mohawk Messenger for them. This was moved by Barry R, seconded by Bob R. and passed unanimously.
  • Julie will get the pumpkins and the ad to Linda M.
  • Pop Up Shelters: 1 from Teresa H; 2 from Julie A will be erected as it is expected to rain.
  • Julie A. will organize and run the raffle

Committee Reports 

  • Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee
    • Grant results: We didn’t get it!
    • What now? Linda will write up a paragraph for distribution about our failure to get the grant, yet asking for donations for our electrical needs.

New Business 

  • Ramp needs fixing: Thorp will take care of it.
  • BBQ Proposal from Thorp with labor and materials from Bo Hewitt: Decided to ask for designs from Bo H. We would like the design to included 2 BBQs wide with storage, counter space. Possibly a pizza oven? Location was discussed and was tabled until we get the designs.
  • Officers Nomination: All current officers will be nominated for the election in November. In addition, Julie A. wants to be officially our fundraiser. Voted on and passed.

Meeting adjourned