NOVEMBER 15, 2023, at 6:00PM
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Present: Fred and Marcia Fisher, Kalen and Kurt Halter, Donna Heath, Teresa Hill, Kelly McClaren, Gail Weathers, Kyle and Seran Halter, Julia Mooney, Linda Mooney

Dates of Interest   

11/23 – Thanksgiving Dinner at Grange

1/6 – Premeeting: Important for yearly planning– Linda’s

1/17 – Regular Meeting: Important for yearly planning

Minutes from last meeting were read by Julia; Approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report – $1123.54 (October balance) Received $600 from Program of Work; $501 from Bingo event.

Caretaker/Rental Manager Report – Kelly

Rentals – Gender Reveal on Jan. 6th, will sign and pay on Monday.

Concerns or comments – 

Kurt told us that the plumbing needs fixing under the Grange. It’ll take about a week to do. In the interim, we will hope it lasts til after Thanksgiving and be fixed before the rental in January.


Kurt also told us that the septic tank cover is vulnerable to damage as it’s in our parking lot. He will mark it with cones and tape for the Thanksgiving dinner and figure out a more permanent barricade. 

Unfinished Business

Bingo Debrief: It was suggested that next time we schedule a gathering and eating hour before Bingo starts. This would allow people to buy Bingo cards, visit with everyone, and buy available food (besides cookies, popcorn? hot dog? Other?). More discussion in January.

Thanksgiving Dinner – private by invite only.

Add NarCan to our First Aid Kit; – Gail will look into this.

New Business

No Meetings in December – Donna moved, we voted and passed.

Election of officers – Donna moved, we voted and passed the slate.

Marcola Christmas Program – Marcia moved then we voted and passed a $200 gift to help this program.

Internet – Kalen will contact Century Link about adding internet for the Grange. It has been attempted before unsuccessfully, but if we want more members and events, it is a necessity. 


Adjourned at 7:00

Submitted by Julia Mooney & Linda Mooney