Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books

Welcome: (Linda) “Thanks for being here.  We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Bob/Barry)  “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Readings:  Thank You to Everyone.

Present:   Barry R., Teresa H., Bob R.,  Gail W., Donna H., Julia M.,  Linda M.

Dates of Interest         

11/19 Rental Rates committee meeting

1/20 Regular Meeting

12/10 Christmas Party at Teresa’s House.  Potluck.  Teresa is cooking meatballs.

12/11 Prep work at 1pm at Marcola Christian Church for Marcola Community Christmas.

12/15  At 12, noon, Marcola Community Christmas Event at Elementary School.

1/7 Pre-Meeting – where?  At Donna and Lew’s House, at 6pm.

1/15 Regular Meeting . MLK Weekend.

Read and vote on approval of minutes from last meeting 

* *  * OCTOBER minutes—C   Also, Bob R. mentioned that he made a couple of tables in lieu of rental fees, for using the Granges furniture for Music Fest at his place.  We checked nomination of Officers. Barry made motion to approve the minutes, Donna second.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Teresa H.

Oct. total Balance is 1482.05 after paying the usual monthly bills.  She paid $10 for a Grange Calendar from the State Grange.

Old/ Unfinished Business:

Caretaker/Rental Manager business –Thorp was ill.

Harvest Festival /Debrief-Discussion about Dishwashers.  The person who gets the dishwashers needs to communicate about the agreement made with the kitchen crew.  A check-in person was suggested so  when the students arrive at the Grange.  They contact this person and begin working.  If we do this then we will know if they were on time, how much they will get paid, and if they want a letter of recommendation when they are hunting for a real job.  We will be able to do this.

Bob R. asked for the amount of money he spent on the pumpkins, $33.

Volunteer hours for the last month—Linda M. 20, Teresa H. 20, Gail W. 1 ½, Julia M.76, Bob R. 20, Dan M. 16, Barry R. 16,  Donna H. 19, Julianna C.

Committee Reports: 

Scholarship Committee – Linda mentioned she would like to see this committee preparing now and advertising our scholarship to the High School Seniors in our district.  Laurie S. and Barry R. have needed information about scholarship.

Rental Rates Change –Raised rental fee to $175 for a day.  Members and Friends need to be active in the Grange for 2yrs.  This allows a member or friend a free rental.  Deposit 5 days before event and more.  New Rental Agreement was voted on and passed.  Linda will be typing up the new rental agreement.  Discussed and named the community service groups using the Grange Free—Art Class, VFW, Neighborhood Watch, and Tai Chi classes.

Election of officers for 2017 –Linda M. , Bob R. and Barry R. (the leadership collective), Gail W. secretary, Teresa H. and Julianna C. Treasurer, Julia M. Lecturer.  Motion was made by Donna H., and seconded by Linda M.  Passed

New Business: 

December Meeting Cancel?  Teresa H. made motion,  Bob seconded.  Passed

A person to take charge of our ‘Friends’ to make calls etc. to encourage their participation.  It was suggested that the Lecturer Julia M. do this.

New Furnace—After much discussion this topic was dropped.  No agreement could be made.

Visit from Pomona Grange – January Meeting—Dennis Chapman from London Grange, also County Deputy for Pomona Grange will come to our Grange..  This meeting has been changed to February when Linda M. will be present.   He has some information to give us and he would like to get to know us better.

Garbage Fee—monthly fee-$22.  This means 4 pickups.  For 2 monthly pickups= $11. Motion was made to have recycling and trash pickup 2x a month.  Donna H. moved, and Julia seconded.  Passed.

Community Christmas Program — Motion was made by Julia to donate $200 for the Marcola Christmas Program.  Gail W. seconded.  Passed.

Good of the Order?