Mohawk Community Grange

Business Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2013

Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books and Reading

Welcome: (Co-Leader – Barry R) “Thanks for being here. We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Co-Leader Linda M) “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Reading: Linda M gave us a humorous reading.

Attendees:  Barry, Julia, Teresa, Linda, Lon, Bob, Malori

Guests: Kelly, Thorp

Standing Items:

  • Roll call of officers:
  • Dates of Interest
    • VFW first Monday of each month
    • 11/28 Private function at the Grange
    • 12/7 Wreath making workshop at the Grange
    • 12/7 Holiday party & pre meeting – Linda’s 6:00 pm?
    • 12/14 Holiday party at Teresa’s
    • 12/15 December Meeting
    • 12/19 Marcola community Christmas party
    • 1/11 January Pre-Meeting – where?
    • 1/19 January Meeting – Linda won’t be there, Barry and Bob will be
    • 1/25 Private rental
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • $2,230 as of the end of October
    • Quarterly Report due January 31st

Old /Unfinished:

  • Survey/Easement Discussion – anything new?
  • Grange Caretakers:  Electricity count.  What are Thorp’s jobs?  Check the KWH on meter for the new month
  • Woodshed supplies have been delivered, will be scheduled for this coming week
  • Thorp will caulk around the wood covers on north windows
  • Extension cord over kitchen door problem – fire marshall
  • Teresa will take fire extinguishers in to have them checked / certified
  • Thop to tak extension cord down, coffee house will use outlet on east wall
  • Coffee House Wednesdays: How goes it? Laurie
  • Holiday Swags Workshop – December 7, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
  • Bats? Julia has been in touch with Stewart, will try to schedule for January
  • Rentals – Issue with cancellations without notification
  • Motion Light, lock box, Grange Security, keys?
  • Lock box installed
    • Will put up sign with Linda’s phone number on it
    • Linda wil speak with Malori about making a nice sign
    • Linda will get email address and use that to communicate combination as well as changes going forward
  • Food Pantry (Helping Hands) – Things are back on track – itemed tabled
  • Piano tuned – piano has been tuned, needs to be insullated – need $45 to reimburse Julia (who paid $60)
  • Eve and Dan are not getting notices from Grange – general discussion about calendars, and groups

Announcements /Acknowledgments:

  • Need volunteers for Marcola Christmas pasty on December 19
  • Julia moved that we donate $200 to Marcola Chirstmas fund, Teresa seconded it, no discussion, ayes have it


            Susan and Mark

  • Grange Refresh & Facilities Report – Meeting with Susan and Mark
    • Fundraising Committee plans discussion
    • Membership Committee
      • Malori will head up new Membership Committee
      • Malori and Long will continue to be the defacto Rental Committee
      • How is Julie C. doing with the membership job?

Tracking How Busy We Are!

  • Do we have the list to write down our activities, no but we need one.
  • Malori agreed to take this on

New Business:

  • New Officers for the coming year. Who’s continuing? New people?
    • Master, Linda M
    • Overseer, Bob R
    • Lecturer, Malori N
    • Chaplain, Barry R
    • Secretary, Julia M
    • Treasurer, Teresa H
    • Membership, Julie C
    • Rental, Lon O
    • Barry moved to accept the slate, Lon seconded, no additional discussion, unanimous
    • Newspaper submission deadline was last Friday, Nov. 15th. Talk to Linda about still contributing.
    • Paypal update – gmail address has been set up for the grange, Paypal has been set up, Heather will assist getting forms and stuff set up – target date is January 1 to have this up and running.
    • Trees – discussed offer, which was successful last year.  Discussed, Laurie’s suggestion to partner with the Watership Partnership, raising the price to $3 per tree.
    • Lon will follow up with  Curtin Mitchell to set things up.  If we can get a specific date, we’ll find volunteers and promote it in the Mohawk Messenger.

For the good of the order: