November 16, 2014

Dates of Interest

  • 11/16 November Regular meeting
  • 12/13 Teresa’s (Grange also) Holiday Party

Julie A. made the motion to skip the regular meeting in Dec. This motion was passed.

  • 1/10 January Pre-Meeting…Linda’s Home
  • 1/18 January Meeting… are we re-scheduling it?  Yes
  • Others?

Old /Unfinished Business:

•    Keep track of volunteer hours! Filled out paper with hours-Done

Dictionaries taken to Grade School….Julie A. did this.

  • Coffee House Wednesdays – Thorp suggested to cancel the coffee House for now and give the Marcola Roadhouse a chance.  Everyone agreed.
  • Rentals – Dec. 13th-Delana Hansen

Dec. 20th– Angela Englert-possible?

Inquiry for Sept. 2015 wedding? Jordan??

This family has been to the Grange to check it out, not final yet.

  • Caretaker business-Ramp fixed, Limbs and things clean up, rocky toilet fixed, roof needs cleaning, electrical cord by wood stove needs replacing in main hall, gutters need cleaning. First toilet in women’s bathroom repaired with a safety pin. (Julia) Thorp will take care that the building does not freeze during cold weather.
  • Petty Cash? $20 added.  For caretaker’s projects.
  • Harvest Festival – thoughts? Thorp said Julie A. did amazing job with the raffles.  Thank You.  She brought $$ to the Grange Improvement Budget

4 dishwashers was too many.  But these young people did

a lot more than dishes and we appreciated their help.  The next time we need dishwashers, the amount they will get paid should be established at the previous meeting. Assign someone to take pictures.  We need more follow-through on chili, cornbread, and dessert contest so it is easier to know the winners.  Everybody wants Dan M. to know how much he was appreciated for getting the electricity to the Grange. Thank You.

  • Letter to Curt Mitchell – Done! Thorp wants to run this fundraiser. Linda will contact Curt and see what he wants to do.
  • Elections of officers – nominations from October meeting. Bob R.-Overseer, Barry R.-Chaplain, Linda M.-Master, Juliana C.-Membership, Treasurer, Teresa H.-Main Treasurer, Thorp M.-Rentals, Julia M.-Secretary, Julie A.-Lecturer.  Barry R. made the motion. Bob R. seconded it.  We voted to pass it.

Committee Reports: 

  • Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee- Will meet in the new year.
  • Fundraising Committee – Julie will keep this committee working in the New Year.

New Business: 

  • Ramp needs fixing: Fixed.
  • BBQ Proposal from Thorp. Turn the freezer into a smoker.
  • Newspaper deadline is November 21st!
  • Donate $200 to the Christmas Party for Families held at the Elementary School-Dec. 18Th from 2pm to 4:30pm.  Help is needed.  Contact: Delana Hansen at 541 933 3907.  Voted and Passed.

Additional Items?

  • Safe- Bob R. had it opened.  The safe held 2 envelopes.
  • Tabled the future of the safe to next meeting.
  • Contents of Envelopes- Articles of Incorporation, Well agreement-J. White, Property Exemption Certificate, Jostrom agreements, Land Sale Contract-Jostrum/Grange, State Tax Exemptions, Warranty Deed-Green to Grange, Little Insurance-Jostrum/Grange, Misc.,
  • The 2 envelopes were given to Julia M.