November 15, 2015 at 6:00PM

Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books and Readings

Welcome: (Linda M.) “Thanks for being here.  We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Teresa H.)  “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Present: Linda M., Julie A., Julia M., Carrie A., Teresa H., Thorp Mc., Kelli Mc., Gail W.

Dates of Interest 

11/15 Regular Meeting

12/12 Holiday Party at Teresa’s House

Bring a wrapped white elephant gift

No Regular Meeting in December –No Meeting. Teresa H.Moved, and Julie A. Second the motion.  Passed by Members

1/9 Pre-Meeting – where??  Bob R.

1/17 January Regular Meeting


Read and vote on approval of minutes from last meeting – Julia – Fixes: $55 error;  Our Yearly Membership dues are $45 which is sent to the State Grange. The cost to rent the Grange Hall is $135 voted on in July Minutes.  Nominations for officers to retain their positions was added.  Minutes approved.  Teresa H. made the motion, Julie A. second, Members voted. Passed

Treasurer’s Report – Teresa  Harvest Fest. Raffle made $151. Tips took care of dishwasher. Balance in Grange account is $1879.   Quarterly dues paid: $158.50 to State Grange.  Thorp Mc. Turned in meter reading still has $20 of  $40 petty cash.

Old /Unfinished Business:

Letter from State Grange – Discussion—Did not get grant.  Problems w/ application pointed out by State Grange.  Cover didn’t match budget. They want applications to come in earlier.  So they can help with problems in application.  Julie A. is willing to go to State Yearly Meeting to learn how to write the Grant.

Caretaker business – Thorp got a few new parts and pieces for the toilets- from Tory.  Leaves and moss on roof needs removing now.  Moss Be Gone can be sprayed by nozzle on hose. Suggested by Carrie J.

Julia suggested that we keep some kindling on back porch for renters of the Grange.  Thorp reminded us that our maul is gone.  Carrie said they have an extra maul.  Thank You Carrie and John A. for your generous gift.

Thorp suggested the stove pipes need cleaning.  He would like to get Anti-Creosote logs. Made the motion to spend $50, Julie second.  Members passed the motion.

The sound system has not been repaired. Thorp is waiting for part to come in to a second hand store.  They will call him.

Thorp brought up buying new tables.   Are we still doing this?  The last 2 tables bought, 1 already has a hole because of mishandling.   We store these tables not with the old tables so that shouldn’t happen again.  No more discussion.

Harvest Festival – Debrief

Children’s Circle for little kids?  Have someone read a story while parents are getting their dinners in the kitchen.

Other thoughts? Julie A. suggested a “ Meeter Greeter”.  Someone who would circle around collect names and important community information.  Teresa H.  will get us a Guest Book.

Road Cleanup Date – Debrief? We need a coordinator.  Their job would be to put signs up warning drivers of clean up crew.  Pick crew up when necessary bring them back to Grange. Make sure no one is left on the road working.  We all work together to get this job done.

Crew Leader for road crew- Everyone agreed.

Rental Charge Debacle-Make changes only at the beginning of the year.  Linda M.

Committee Reports: 

Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee

$500 from Jerry’s Home Improvement…YAY!! Teresa H. will send a Thank You.

We need more fundraising activities

New Business: 

December 17th Christmas Party at Grade School – In the afternoon, 12 to 3pm .Kelli made motion, Julie A. second, members passed motion to donate $200 to the party…..passed.

Resource List has been suggested-  Suggested by Julie A.

This is a list we go to when we need a licensed professional or friend from Marcola who could help and add to the event or function to get a project completed.  This list could have places and phone numbers to advertise events. The list needs to be kept updated with complete name, phone number, & email.

Election of Officers- Thorp M. made the motion.  Julie A. seconded it.  Members passed that all officers are voted into their same position for next year.  Linda M. Master, Barry R. Chaplain, Bob R. Overseer, Teresa H., Juliana C. Treasurer, Julia M., Gail W. Secretary, Julie A. Lecturer.

Good of the Order?

Friends Who Need Us?  Cindy Murdoch needs a Thank You note for bringing her reindeers to the Harvest Fest. I thought I did this. I will check my list.  Julia M.

Need a Calendar at Grange with Monthly activities.

Julie A. will have surgery Dec. 14.  Could use a little help.  Julie A. has been following up on our scholarship winners so we have some history hopefully of their success.