The regalia was displayed, Linda M., Master, greeted all “Thanks for being here.  We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective  talents for the good of our community.”

The meeting was called to order.  Gail W. had a reading: “Laughter gives us distance.  It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on.” –Bob Newhart.

Present were: Barry R., Linda M., Thorp M., Kelly M., Bob R., Gail W., Julia M.

Dates of interest are: June 17, Music in the park, 3–5 pm. (we do desserts);  June 18, Regular Grange meeting (Father’s Day);    June 28, State Grange Annual Sessions (Florence Event Center)

The minutes from the April  meeting were read and approved .

The Treasurer’s report was incomplete.  Claudine donated $1,000.  The balance from the end of

April will more exact later.  Current balance (in mid-May) is over $1500.

In old or unfinished business– Thorp reported multiple dates for weddings, parties, etc (including Malori‘s, June 10).  There was a discussion of the political use of the Grange.  We could rent it;  if not, must be non-partisan only.  Tory has a piano to donate. It was moved, seconded, and passed that we accept it.  We’ll decide whether to keep, sell, or raffle later.  The stage was re-carpeted. Thorp would like to build carts to hold tables so they can be moved. He would like to place the veterans’ bulletin board on the east wall.  For Bingo on Mary Cole Days we need at least twenty prizes, a blackout prize and six volunteers. The Harvest Fest fundraiser discussion was tabled.

The Scholarship Committee (Linda M., Laurie S., Bob R.) reported that the deadline for the scholarship applications has passed but they don’t have a post office key so have been unable to check on applications.

In New Business, future dates of interest are the pre-meeting June 10 a Teresa H.’s,  Bingo at Mary Cole Days, and a Pomona Meeting on July 8 (at Veneta?),  Mohawk Valley Music Festival August 11–13, participation was not decided.  Mary Cole Days August 12 participation in Bingo.  December 3 possible breakfast to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the grange.

In other new business, the electric box issue was addressed (EPUD won’t fix the wires until we fix the box);  should we have a Bingo game in September we need to consider various likely schedule conflicts before deciding on a date;  we may consider renting the grange or the grange grounds to campers during the eclipse; Eve wants to move the piano to an inside wall, to prevent deterioration.

For the Good of the Order Barry R. reported that Jan’s memorial will be June 24.

Volunteer hours (including for Bingo, Open House): Bob R–5, Barry R–16, Thorp M.–106, Kelly M.–45, Gail W.–14, Julia M.–    ___, Dan M.,___, Teresa H. –___Linda M.–40.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.