Mohawk Valley Community Grange


March 16, 2014

Dates of Interest

  • 3/29 Move firewood to new woodshed -10AM. Please come and help! Many hands will make this a quick project
  • 4/5 April Pre-Meeting 6PM @ Linda’s house
  • 4/12 Road Clean up from Howard Rd. to Milepost 16 (6-8 members or friends needed).  Also, we will scrub and shine the Grange Hall. (Thorp and a couple people).  There might be other projects decided upon at the Pre-Meeting. We really need Grange Members and Friends for this day.  The Friends could make up their hours so they could rent the Grange Free.
  • 4/13 April Meeting @6PM Please note the change in date due to Easter falling on our regular meeting date.
  • 4/26 OPEN HOUSE – times to be decided and advertised soon

Secretary’s Report: Minutes approved as written

Treasurer’s Report-Balance $3,917.14

Attendees:  Linda M., Gail, Barry R., Teresa H., Kelly M., Bob R., Julia M.

Standing Items: Electrical Bill read as 4242

Old /Unfinished:

  • Keep track of volunteer hours! Filled out paper with hours
  • Coffee House Wednesdays-$9 given to Treasurer by Lon O.
  • Rentals-4/11 or 4/20 Wedding?  May 14,15,16 – The Round-Abouters
  • Caretaker business- Thorp’s new fence by the stairs looks really nice. Thank You, Julie and Thorp for the beautiful flowerbeds. Motion was made to purchase more fencing for the front flowerbed. Cost $170.  Teresa H. Seconded this and the members passed it.
  • Outside Light that Julie got for us is up and working. Purchased $14 adapter from Jerry’s.
  • Lon bought Mint Mulch $22 and Thorp put it into the flowerbeds.
  • Thorp got permission to throw out old cans without labels in Tool Room.
  • Back window needs to be covered.  Thorp plans to have this done.
  • Easement Update-Our neighbors are moving and do not care about the Easement now.  They suggested waiting to talk to the new family (their son) and John White.
  • Bats in the Belfry Guano Sales-Going very well.  But there are some concerns about the bat guano going missing, so Thorp and Kelly have moved it into the back rooms of the Grange.  We need to let Thorp or Kelly know if we have taken some so they can put your name on the list. This way we can keep track of how much we made on this “Fun Raiser”.
  • Lon will use a ShopVac to remove the remaining bat guano from the attic.  Then we can lay tarps. If we overlap the tarps and keep them small two people can easily handle them for collecting the guano.  I would estimate 6 tarps about 10’ x 14’ would be sufficient.
  • There are 2 holes through the exterior wall to the back hall allowing bats to enter the Grange. Thorp and Lon said they would cover these holes.
  • Yoga Dinner Results-Valley Yoga’s $600 rent for the year was made and paid.  Thank You for your support. Licia S. said she would like to be on the planning committee of the Grange’s new kitchen.

Announcements /Acknowledgments:  Committees:

Grange Refresh & Facilities Report- Pre-meeting date will be announced.

Fundraising Committee Report- Pre-meeting date will be decided at April meeting

Scholarship Committee Report- The Scholarship application form is on the web site and available for applicants to download.

New Business:

  • Open House in April-Need a Kitchen Manager and a Kids Games Manager: Julie A. will BBQ chicken with the Thorp’s help.  We need to add to the Dinner. Member should bring salads, side dishes, and desserts.
  • We talked about getting gifts to raffle off.  We need members and friends to bring in some exciting gifts for the raffle.
  • Play is in the process.  Teresa H.
  • Kids Activity: Julie A. will try to get Bird Houses donated for the children and adults to paint.  She will need us to bring paints for this project.
  • Set dates for Grange Clean up & Road Clean up – 4/12 starting at 10am.  Bob has a dead maple tree for firewood.  He will also ask Bob Hansen to look at our trees for pruning the widow makers.
  • Barrier placement near the river – Still discussing cement bumps at restaurants and poles with a wire tying them together.
  • Discussion of possible Farmers Market in the valley: Suggestion-Susan M. will find out where this will take place and advertise in the Mohawk Messenger.

For the good of the order