MARCH 15, 2015

Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols, Inspirational Books and Readings

Welcome: (Linda M.) “Thanks for being here.  We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”


Introduce any Guests:

Bring to Order: (Co-Leader-Barry R.)  “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Roll Call of Officers: Bob R., Barry R., Linda M., Julia  M., Teresa H., Julie A.

Attendees: Gail W., Roxanne

Addition to the agenda:  None
Dates of Interest 

3/21 Yoga Dinner
4/11 April Pre-Meeting – Barry’s house
4/18 Open House
4/19 April Meeting
5/9 pre-meeting
5/17 Meeting

Reading the Pertinent Records of Last Meeting:

• All grange members as well as others will fill out the paperwork for rentals! We all must adhere to the rules of rentals.

• Paperwork for Charlotte’s memorial; Teresa will fill it out so Linda can file it with the state—Teresa already sent it to the State.
Standing Committee Reports: 

Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee –
Fundraising Committee – Report
Monthly fundraiser set:

March-Trees- All redwoods sold. Most of the Grand fir is sold. They’re plenty of Ponderosa Pines to be sold.  Thorp handed to Teresa $170 for trees sold and $45 for their part of electricity bill.
April – Raffle at Open House (Memorial for Charlotte, too)
May – Yoga class is not doing the baskets for a fundraiser this year because of their success with their dinner fundraiser.  Would Grange be interest in selling baskets for Mother’s Day or for July 4th.
What instead?? Auction? Jack Birkey?
June – Begin discussions of Grant proposal
Paint, porch re-model, steps In order to apply for grant.  We must improve the outside appearance of our Grange with intention of attracting new memberships.
July – Music festival booth? Bob will get us more information.  The dates are July 24th to 26th.   Bob was thinking about a food booth.
August – Mary Cole Day booth? Parking?
September – Grant due Need a coordinator.
October – Harvest Festival


• Invitation to Master’ Conference: Bob, Barry and Linda attended today

• Other communications?  The community service hours need to be sent by March31st.  Julia sent this.
Old/Unfinished Business

Rental charge increase to $135. specifically to cover cost of wood. Barry made motion, Teresa 2nd it, and it was passed. The deposit is still $100.
Yoga (and related activities) discussion of charges. Not discussed.

• Caretaker business 

Vote on Kelly and Thorp’s membership. Motion was made by Bob R., and second by Roxanne- to gift Thorp a Grange membership.  This passed.  Kelly remains a Friend of the Grange.
Tree Sales: see info above Do we need to more advertising?
How’s it doing
Toilet Fixed?  Thorp has already replaced the broken parts.
Pump house roof is leaking – Thorp knows what needs repair.  He could use some help.
The insulation needs removed?
New Business: 

• Open House planning Bob made a motion that we spend up to $100 on advertising, Julie 2nd this, and it was passed.  Linda M. and Barry R. will take charge of the kitchen.  We will hire 2 students for dishwashers who will get paid $10 per hour.  Julia will supervise so things get put back where they belong.  Suggestion was made to send out postcards advertising Open House and make sure the Friends of the Grange get invited.  Teresa said the program will have a Cowboy style with Live Music, Skit, Memorial for Charlotte Higgins-Lee.  Talk about having chili for the main dish.  We would like to have some games or crafts for children that come. Please call Linda with ideas and help (933-2511).

• Dues increase-This year our dues are $45.  They increased by $5.

• Idea Book ordered

Is Any Member Sick or in Distress? Yes, we all know people who are not well and could use a visit or a good meal.  This needs to have a coordinator.  Are you interested?

Program: Should we do this?

Suggestions for the Good of the Order: None

Reading and Adopting of the Minutes: This is a topic that has been added to the agenda, result of leadership meeting.  At the end of the meetings all topics voted on is mentioned at the end of meeting.  This should bring more clarity and follow through.

Votes Passed This Meeting

Rental charge increase to $135. specifically to cover cost of wood.
Gift Thorp a Grange membership
$100 voted on for advertising for Open House

Meeting Adjourned