MEETING MINUTES July 24, 2016 at 6:00PM

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Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books

Welcome: (Linda) “Thanks for being here.  We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Bob)  “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.” 

Readings: “ If all your troubles would be on line.  You would take yours’ and I would take mine.”

Present:  Linda M., Teresa H., Barry R., Thorp M., Gail W., Bob R., Julia M.

Dates of Interest – (no pre meeting in August.)

  • 7/24 Regular Meeting
  • 8/6 Mary Cole Day parade?
  • 8/14 Grange Meeting
  • 8/19, 20, 21 Mohawk Valley Music Festival (rent 30 chairs, 10 tables)
  • 8/27 & 9/10 Music in the Park
  • Oct 8 Grange Hall rental-Wedding Reception
  • Oct 15 Grange Hall rental-Malori
  • Oct 22 Harvest Festival

Read and vote on approval of minutes from last meeting – Julia

June minutes – Julia

Minutes, motion made by Barry R. and second by Bob R. Voted and approved by Members.

Treasurer’s Report – Teresa Total- $2423.62

  • Audit successful but paperwork to be recorded soon.
  • Debits- USPO, EPUD, Lane Co., Bake Sale, $50 to Thorp, and scholarship
  • Credit-$500 donation from the Mohawk Messenger.
  • We do not post financial details in our Grange minutes. Teresa H. has a backup with Julianna C’s spreadsheet.  All details of our banking are on the spreadsheet.

Old /Unfinished Business:

  • Caretaker/Rental Manager business – Thorp

1. Activities or use of the Grange Hall

  • Malori wants to rent the Grange Hall.
  • Rental.- Oct. 8-Wedding Reception,
  • 1st Monday-VFW.
  • 3Rd Tuesday- Neighborhood Watch.
  • Every Wednesday- Community Art Class.

2. Replenish Firewood in September. 9/17- Sat.,9am.

  • Julia, Dan will get a splitter for logs.
  • We will need stackers.
  • People to run splitter.
  • Yoga Class will have their donation of firewood on site.

3.  Thorp will need help in repairing dormer.  He has already cleaned, prime and painted.  He will ask one of his friends to help with putting in the flashing, which has never been put in place.  This will stop the rot.

4.  Thorp reported 3 Hollywood chairs have been taken from his outside patio.  In checking around the Grange, he noticed the back door to the Grange Hall had marks on the newly painted door frame indicating someone had tried to pry the door open.

  • Motion was made for Thorp to get a beeper for the driveway. $69.  Approved.  We, also, included a 5 gal. Bucker of paint for Grange Building. $150.

5.  We asked Thorp to keep a spreadsheet of his painting expenses of the Grange Hall.

6.  Grange always looks amazing! Thanks Thorp!!

• Lions’ Music in the Park

  • August 27th No, we will not be available.
  • Sept 10th – Are we in? Yes, we will hold a bake sale.

•  Committee meeting Report: Food Booth at the Mohawk Valley Music Festival Committee: Barry, Linda, Julia, & Donna – Next meeting.

  • 25th of July, Monday and August 1st Monday.

• Volunteer hours for the last month: Bob R. 30,  Teresa H. 30, Thorp Mc. 62, Kelly Mc. 20, Barry R. 12, Linda M. 15, Gail W. 10, Julia M.67

• Rental and Deposit of Grange Equipment

  • Motion made that Grange Equipment will not be rented out to non Grange Members. Passed.
  • Grange Members must list what is being taken away from the Grange.  The “Something Borrowed List” is hanging on the wall near the telephone.

Committee Reports: 

•  Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee – No meeting

  • Scholarship Committee – Bob R., Laurie, Donna
    • Debrief:  Awarded, Checks written
  • Audit our books – Deb Herrell done? Check Treasurer’s Report.

New Business: 

  • Mary Cole Day Parade – Are we in?  Yes, need a band on a flatbed truck.  Teresa will check with “Moving On” Band, and Bob R. said we could use his truck.

Good of the Order? Friends Who Need Us?