January 17, 2016 at 6:00PM
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Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books and Readings:

Welcome: (Bob R.) “Thanks for being here.  We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Teresa H.)  “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Present: Bob R., Barry R., Gail W., Thorp M., Donna H., Teresa H., Julia M.

Dates of Interest 

  • 1/17 January Regular Meeting
  • 2/13 Pre-Meeting – Donna and Lew’s??
  • 2/21 February Regular Meeting
  • Others?
  • Feb. 25th– Barry R. Birthday
  • March 19th– Grange Hall rented to The Society of Creative Anachronisms-deposit taken.
  • Art Classes has changed to Wednesday 6pm.  Erica S.
  • Jan. 24th – Fundraising Committee and interested members will meet at the Restaurant at 4pm.  To make plans for a very successful Open House in April.

Read and vote on approval of minutes from last meeting – Julia

November’s meeting Minutes were not presented. This is tabled until February.

Treasurer’s Report – Teresa H.  Total- $1349.  Expenses for January are: Grange Insurance-$500., Bonding of Secretary and Treasurer- $50, Quarterly- $180., Petty Cash for Caretaker-$50., Payment for electricity at the Grange is being settled by Thorp and Teresa.

Old /Unfinished Business:

  • Caretaker business – Thorp and Trent laid new linoleum in the kitchen.  Looks great!  Thank you to Tori and Thorp for thinking of the Grange. Thorp will make up an estimate for finishing the cabinets and adding new doors and hinges. Also, should we paint or stain cupboards. There was also talk about putting in another sink. Bob R. suggested an 8” sink.  He, also, wants to move the hot water heater.  What about an “on demand hot water heater under the sink”?  Doesn’t waste electricity.  This would be the only water heater we need.  We would need to run another circuit for more power.
  • Thorp thinks the foundation around Grange Hall should be painted, soon.  He was thinking of the color gray.  He asked if members would bring their leftover exterior oil or latex paint to the Grange.  He will mix them to get a gray color.
  • He used creosote log to clean the stove pipes in the hall and kitchen.
  • He will be putting Moss be gone on roof.  Bob R. suggested using Bill Hansen cherry picking truck to reach the roof and seal the gutter on the south side of building
  • Broken stereo equipment has been replaced, broken during Thanksgiving rental of Grange Hall, paid for by renter.
  • Thorp is worried about someone stealing the sound equipment.  So he is going to get all the equipment serial numbers.
  • Rental Charge Reiterated
    • $135
  • December 17th Christmas Party at Grade School – how did it go?  We received a Thank You for Delana Hansen for our contribution of $200.  A few Grangers volunteered to help.  Everyone really feels this is a very worthy activity. Close to 60 families received turkey dinners and gifts for all the family members, including each student received a special wrapped gift to be open at Christmas.

Committee Reports: 

  • Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee
    • Thank you note sent? $500 from Jerry’s Home Improvement.  Teresa sent it.  Bob has the $500 gift certificate.  He will give the certificate to Teresa to keep track of.
    • We need more fundraising activities.  Suggested date for meeting- Jan24th at the restaurant. We all seem in favor of this.  Thorp made the suggestion of having a theme for a raffle/auction.  Donna H. talked about making some of the gifts “hands-on”, example—take a group mushroom hunting. Barry R. will make some Grange Business Cards so we can solicit our favorite store.  Thorp likes the outdoor theme.  He was going to make a contact with Capella’s and Managers of the Sand Dunes Rides. The date for this event was suggested our Open House in April.  We want to advertise on the radio and T.V.
  • Scholarship Committee – Julie  Julie A. is home healing. She mentioned at the last meeting that she was going to do some advertising at High School about our scholarship.

New Business: 

  • Resource List – are we doing this?  This was Julie A. idea.  To gather names of local providers and save them in a notebook.  Teresa H. will bring a notebook to our next meeting.  Having a business name in this notebook was suggested that maybe Grange members could have a 5% discount when needing some work done.
  • Reach out to our neighbors – Jostrums  We would like to become good neighbors with June J.
  • We must bond our secretary and treasurers – see form.

Barry R. made the motion.  Donna H. seconded. We need to bond our secretary and treasurer for $50. Discussion.  It Passed.

  • We should audit our books – who, how, when?  Teresa H. will get in touch with Althea and Deb H.  Maybe, they could audit our books?

Good of the Order? Friends Who Need Us?  Thorp thought about Julie A. and wondering how she is doing?  Fred Peterson mentioned to Julia M. that his wife had taken Julie to her medical appointments last week.  Julie told Julia she would love visitors.  She still is not driving. Her cast as been replaced with a boot. Sydney helps her a lot.  She really appreciates her.  Julie A. said I could give out her phone number and address.  Her phone number is- 541 603 6482 and her address is- 3575 Donald St. #220,Eugene,97405.  This address is right off the freeway.