Mohawk Valley Community Grange
Meeting Agenda, Sunday, February 17, 2013

Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books and Reading

Welcome: (Co-Leader – Bob Russell) “Thanks for being here. We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”
Bring to Order: (Co-Leader Linda Mooney) “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”
Reading: Linda Mooney gave a reading.
Guests: None

Standing Items:

  • Roll call of officers: Linda Mooney, Teresa Hill, Wendy Kimball, Bob Russell, Heather & Jim Madras.
  • MOTION: Bob moved and Teresa seconded a moved to approve the minutes from the January, 2013 meeting, there was a change for the clean up, unanimous
  • Check the Calendar:
    • Feb. 23rd – Indian Dinner
    • Messenger article to Linda ASAP
    • March 9 – Pre-Meeting at Bob’s 6PM
    • March 17 – Meeting at Grange 6PM
    • April 6 – BD party for Linda and Wendy at Wendy’s house; times etc later
    • April 13 – Pre-Meeting at Linda’s 6PM
    • April 20 – Open House; entertainment; thank you to our Friends of the Grange; more details later
  • Treasurer’s Report – Teresa gave report.
  • Report from Linda on reimbursements from the state


Old /Unfinished:

  • Gutter Report – Equipment finished? It’s 90% done. Will be complete next week.
  • Insulation. Complete Yahoo Bob, Laurie and Dan.
  • Update on Yahoo Group; MVCG Website. Heather explained we need to keep Yahoo for the time being. Heather will report more info next month.

Announcements /Acknowledgments

Facilities Committee: (Bob, Tom,) Bob had a meeting with Laurie & Barry on Saturday. It was discussed to make it ADA. Laurie is willing to write a Grant. The Grange needs to be prepared to match funds. It was discussed to have an EPUD come out and do an analysis. We talked about changing the front of building by putting in 5 rhododendrons in the front of the building. Wendy moved to spend $50 on bushes for the west side of the building. Bob 2nd. Discussed the colors and we decided to let Joan decide when she goes to the place and finds the heat tolerant.

Membership Committee: Discussed how to get $$ for all the projects.
New Business:
1. Yearly Goals
a. Kitchen planning report. There was discussion about refrigerator and freezer. We’ll keep what we have.
b. Scholarship. Wendy motioned to temporarily put the scholarship on hold. Laurie 2nd it. Our focus is to use all the income to improve the facilities this year. Passed. One nay.

2. Fundraising – Barry / Laurie Smart
a. Do we have a plan? The three of them are brain storming.
b. Possibilities: Reggae Booth, Karren Lansky wants to volunteer to do breakfast. It was discussed to do breakfast and strawberry lemonade. Events to target kitchen money, letter to all in the Messenger? Tithe; raise rental rates. It was discussed to not change the rental prices until the facilities are updated.

Road clean up. Saturday March 9th 10:00-12:00PM.


For the good of the order:
Closing: The Board meeting is ended. Displayed items are stored.