Mohawk Valley Community Grange

Minutes December 19, 2011

Welcome: Tom Baratta: ‘Thanks all for being here at the monthly meeting. We are here to give the best of our collective talents to the good of our community.’

Flag was present.

Assist Chair: (Linda Mooney filling in for the ailing Lance Lindsey) ‘Now is the time to bring together our thoughts and ideas for this Grange meeting.’

Reader: Teresa Hill chose an inspirational passage.

Chair: “As friends, neighbors, and Grange members keep in mind that thoughtfulness, charity and integrity in all our interactions will bring the sense of community that we all value.”

Assist Chair: “Our meeting will begin with a moment of silence to remember the importance of our world, country, state and local community.”

Present: Tom & Joan Baratta, Laurie Smart, Teresa Hill, Julia Mooney, Linda Mooney, Heather & Jim Madras, Wendy Kimball.


Standing Items:

Roll Call of Officers: Chair, Assistant Steward and Membership/Recording Secretary, Lecturer, and Greeter.

Minutes: Laurie Smart motioned November 2011 meeting minutes be accepted, Linda Mooney 2nd no discussion and passed.

Check and approve calendar:

* 12/27/11: Road clean-up 10:00-1:00 – Meet at Grange
* 1/5/12: Vision committee meeting 6:30 – Meet at Tomahawk
* 1/7/12: Pre-grange meeting Tom & Joan Baratta.
* 1/23/12: Grange Business Meeting 6:30-8:00 PM at Grange Please note our monthly meeting has changed, just this month to the 4th Monday of January.
* 1/18/12: Sustainability group meeting 7:30 PM at Grange
* Yoga every Wed PM and Thurs AM at Grange

Tom thanked Hillary for getting the cookies for the Children’s Christmas Gift giving. Teresa gave an overview of how it was run. Julia worked on the clean up.

Reports from Committees:

* Arts Committee (Cindy)
* Play committee (Teresa)
* Membership (Joan) – Review Friends of Grange Membership and vote to include in membership options
* Sustainability: (Julia) – Local Emergency Preparedness Plan workshops in February. Laurie outlined how the day will go and who will be here. There was a lively discussion about the day and what we want to learn about.
* Scholarship Committee: (Linda, Pam, Tom) – Discuss scholarship application timeline
* Treasurers Report: (Julie C / Teresa Hill) Teresa gave the newest report
* Vision Committee: (Lance) Joan gave an update us on the progress of the Vision Committee and a typed report.
* Upcoming rentals: 12/30/11 & 12/31/11

New Items:
Grange Clean up Sunday January 8th @ 10:00 AM & Sunday February 5th @ 10:00 AM.

The Lion’s would like to work with the Grange on a Valentine’s Dance. Tom volunteered to work with him.

Joan talked about the State Grange ballot.

Global Art Project for Peace
10th biennial exchange will take place March/April of 2012 to unknown recipient, so we will do the art late Feb, early March, mail it away and receive ours from our partner. Can you check the calendar for free Sat at the grange?

Registration is $20, 2 posters approx $17 = $37 Plus art supplies if I don’t have what we need. Plus shipping to partner (last time around $20 I think). We will continue to discuss this next month.

Old business:

Next meetings business: Parking Lot

For the good of the order:
Closing: The Board meeting is ended. Displayed items are stored.
Minutes submitted by Wendy Kimball.