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August 16, 2015


Bob R., Linda M., Gail W., Sydney A., Julie A., Teresa H., Julia M., Thorp M., Barry R.

Dates of Interest

  • 8/23/15 Kirk Murdoch’s memorial service at grange – Julia M. and Julianna C. served coffee and tea.
  • 9/12/15 September Pre-Meeting at Linda’s House at 6:00
  • 9/15/15 Grant is due
  • 9/20/15 Grange Meeting at 6:00pm
  • 9/27/15 Grange Hall is rented
  • 10/24/15 – Harvest Festival
  • Others?

Treasurer’s Report:  $2875.00, Next month, the insurance $500 and scholarship $1000 monies are due.

Old /Unfinished Business:

  • Caretaker business:  The Pump has been repaired.  Thank you, Dan M., Bob R., and Thorp.  Thorp has made the stereo system simpler.  Thanks!  The yoga classes really appreciate this.
  • Human Nature Fest, Mary Cole Celebration – DEBRIEF: A spirited discussion was had. Julie A. will be bringing the financial report for the Human Nature Fest to our meeting on Sept. 20th.
  • Mary Cole Celebration- Bob R. donated his flatbed, Barry R. drove his truck and pulled the flatbed with the Old Time Fiddlers playing music.  Julianna C. and Julia M. decorated the flatbed.  Teresa H. and Julia M took money for the evening dance

Committee Reports: 

  • Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee
  • Fundraising Committee

See grant info below

New Business: 

  • Grant writing – We met on Tuesday, Aug. 18th at 6pm.  The committee is focused on finishing the grant by September 11th.  The project will include removing the cement steps and replacing them with wooden steps and handrails.  Also, replacing flooring on both porches.  We want to replace the old one electrical box with a new one.  We have an estimate for painting the outside of the Grange Building and will have an estimate for replacing the electrical box by our next meeting.
  • We met again on Aug. 25th.   We looked at the estimate received and some discussion on how to match the grant monies happened. We have other estimates for the steps, porch, and electrical box from last year.  Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 8, at 6pm.
  • Volunteers for the committee:  Barry R., Linda M., Julie A, Julia M.


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