APRIL 19, 2015

Dates of Interest

  • 4/24 School Bond Committee meets with Community at H.S.
  • 5/2 May Pre-Meeting – Linda’s house, Road pickup in the morning. Invite a Friend of the Grange or a Buddy over the age of 18yrs to help with pickup.
  • 5/5 School Bond Information Meeting – 6:30 to 8:30pm at Grange
  • 5/17 Regular Grange May Meeting
  • 6/2 Mohawk Watershed Partnership Annual BBQ at the Grange
  • 6/6 H.S. Graduation
  • 6/13 Lions’ BBQ at Veteran’s Park
  • 8/8  Mary Cole Celebration

Communications: Grange Convention at Pendleton this year, 6/28 to 7/2.  Ticket reservations for meals must be made by 6/1.

Treasurer’s Report: Trees-$200, Yoga’s Yearly Rent-$670 (Rent-$600, $110 for auction Indian, $40 of $110 spent on plants and soil).  Total for March-$2938.00

Open House Raffle – $137, Pd. Dishwasher-$30, Band-$20

Ongoing /Unfinished Business:

      • FYI: Rental charge increase to $135, specifically to cover cost of wood. The deposit is still $100.

          We confirmed that the rental is now $135 for the hall.

• Caretaker business- Thorp used some of neighbors gravel to make new parking space on west side of Grange building.  We need to add more to the new parking and replaced what we used from neighbor.

Bob and Thorp will check out the pump’s bearings and bladder. The roof is repaired.  The insulation needs replacing.

Thorp will get rid of the pile of branches in the burn area.

Julie A. and Bob R. will go looking for a kitchen stove for $200.

• Gifting of memberships: criteria, how many/year?  Right now we don’t have any gift memberships.

• Event Checklist- Julia M. will send a copy to Bob R., Julie A. and others.

  • Trees- We have over 600 trees that are not sold.  We are worried about their care. Bob R. made a motion to donate them to MWP.  Barry R. seconded it. Discussion. Voted and passed.  Julia will contact Jared Weybright at MWP.

New Business: 

Basket Sales for Mother’s Day Fundraiser will cost $27per basket and will end the week after Mothers’ Day, May 17th. Julie A. thought we had voted to get a pop up tent for shade.  This would be great for shade when selling baskets.  Thorp said our neighbor has the poles for one and we would have to buy a tarp. We will check the feasibility of this idea.

Summer plans including the scheduling of the Marcola Road Pickup May 2- bring a Friend to help.

Scholarship discussion and information-Bob R., Laurie S., and Julie A. are on this committee.  They are getting the information out to Thurston High School, Springfield H. S., and Mohawk H.S.

Growing our membership?  We had new people at the Open House but we didn’t get their names and addresses.  We want to change this. Next event we have a plan to record new members.  Teresa H. will bring a journal for this information to be recorded.

  • Think about new fundraiser for June. Teresa H. will check with Tammy F. about Mary Cole Day Parking. Bob R. will check with the Music Festival at his place for cost of a food booth for July.
  • Bob R.  mentioned that he thought we should have a retreat and focus on the goals of our Grange.
  • Thorp requested that the Indian stored at the Grange be returned to him, because he is the owner.  Julia agreed to make this happen if she could.  The yoga fundraiser auctioned it off by mistake.  They paid the Grange $110.  The Grange will return the money to Julia, to give to Dawn Mooney who bought the Indian.