Mohawk Valley Community Grange
Meeting Agenda, November 21st, 2011
Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols, and Inspirational Books and Readings

Welcome: (Tom-Chair) “Thanks for being here. We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”

Bring to Order: (Asst. Chair) “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Reading: (Guide) A chosen passage to inspire.

Assistant Chair: “Our meeting will begin with a moment of silence”

Guest Introductions: (Gr) DeLana Hanson-Marcola Elementary Holiday Program


Standing Items:

  • Roll call of officers
  • Approval of minutes for October, 2011 meeting.
  • Check and approve calendar for December,
    • 12/19: Grange Business Meeting 6:30-8:30 PM at Grange
    • 12/?: Sustainability group meeting 7:30 PM at Grange
    •  Yoga every Wed PM and Thurs AM at Grange
    •  12/3 Pre-Grange meeting/Holiday Party at Wendy’s?
  • Announcements / Acknowledgement
  • Officer Elections:
    • Co-Chair Lance Lindsey
    • Lecturer Heather Gardner-Madras

Reports from Committees:

  • Vision Committee: (Lance)
  • Arts Committee: (Cindy)
  • Community / Elder Care Committee: (Wendy & Julie C)
  • Membership Committee: (Wendy, Joan, Julia, Bob R., Tom B.)
  • Sustainability:
  • Facility: (Lance, Dan M, Bob R., Tom)
  • Treasurers Report: (Julie C/Teresa H) Bills and Accounts

Old Business/Unfinished Business:

  • Membership decisions-How do we proceed?

New Items:

  • Words for Thirds
  • Rental Policy
  • Contacting Green Granges
  • Resolutions for the state convention
  • Chair sales-fund raising
  • Road Clean-Up after holidays?

For the good of the order:
Closing: The Board meeting is ended. Displayed items are stored.