Reading: “To succeed in life, you need a WishBone, a BackBone, and a FunnyBone”

Dates of Interest
8/7 Pre-meeting; where??
8/15 AUGUST meeting

Read and vote on approval of minutes from last meeting
June minutes – Gail

Treasurer’s Report – Teresa
COVID-19 Declaration Forms And Procedures – Any Updates?
Caretaker/Rental Manager Report – Thorp & Kelly

 Rentals!
 BD party for October 30 th . Free?
Communications – Cancer info from Susan Noah, State Grange Master
Old /Unfinished Business
 Plastic Recycling can be scheduled. Let’s do this again!
 Mondays for taking it, Saturdays for community drop off

(Aug 7 th ? 21 st ?)
Jean: We can also accept #1 plastics (labels okay) and I'll take them to Garten
Recycling. I go every couple of months anyway.
-What if we accept deposit bottles and cans? As a mini-fundraiser?
-Aug 7 or 21 works for me. How about one event every other month?

 Road Clean up is JULY 24 th 9:00?? @ Grange
New Business
 Set dates for events for summer and/or fall?

Bingo – Late September
Teresa: What did you find out about school activities??
Open House – Oct. 23 rd ?

 Mohawk Messenger – deadline Aug. 15 th ; published in early September
Good of the Order