AGENDA ( download)


APRIL 19, 2015

Dates of Interest

  • 5/2 May Pre-Meeting – Linda’s house
  • 5/17 May Meeting
  • 6/2 Mohawk Watershed Partnership Annual BBQ at the Grange

Standing Committee Reports: 

  • Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee –
  • Fundraising Committee – Report


Treasurer’s Report: 

Ongoing /Unfinished Business:

      • FYI: Rental charge increase to $135, specifically to cover cost of wood. The deposit is still $100.

• Caretaker business

• Gifting of memberships: criteria, how many/year?

• Event Checklist

New Business: 

Basket Sales for Mother’s Day Fundraiser

Summer plans including the scheduling of the Marcola Road Pickup

Scholarship discussion and information

Growing our membership?


Is Any Member Sick or in Distress and in need of help?