Happy New Year!

Twenty Thirteen (Two Thousand Thirteen?) is bringing some big changes to the grange and lots more of the fun food and friendship you have come to expect.

Our beloved chairman Tom Barrata has stepped down and we are now led by the Leadership Collective of Barry Rogers, Linda Mooney and Bob Russell. So it’s fitting that the first pre-grange potluck is this Saturday (January 5) at Barry’s house.

His address is 40147 East Kelso Lane in Marcola (East Kelso is just past Mohawk River Road and just before the 18 mile marker). Barry’s phone number is 541-933-1100 in case you need to call.

And in other news an updated Rental Agreement is on the new Rentals page – so go download it for your next Grange rental.

And finally – in case  you haven’t already noticed the Yahoo group calendar is all kinds of broken so you’ll probably want to turn off any automatic updates you receive from that calendar and ignore the ones that say you should show up anywhere at 3 am. If we ever have an event at 3 am we’ll be making a big deal about  it and will post it here!

Hope to see you Saturday