The Grange will be busy with the Music Festival booth during the regular meeting time so this month’s meeting is moved up to August 14 – mark your calendar.

August 14, 2016 at 6:00PM

Displayed: Flag, Grange Symbols and Inspirational Books
Welcome: (Linda) “Thanks for being here.  We have the opportunity to give the best of our collective talents for the good of our community.”
Bring to Order: (Bob)  “Let’s please bring this meeting to order.”

Dates of Interest
8/14 Regular Meeting
8/27, 9/10 Music in the Park
9/10 Pre meeting – where?
9/18 Regular Meeting

Read and vote on approval of minutes from last meeting – Julia
July minutes – Julia

Treasurer’s Report – Teresa

Old /Unfinished Business:
Caretaker/Rental Manager business – Thorp
Lions Music in the Park
August 27th & Sept 10th – Are we in?
Music Festival Food Booth
Last minute stuff to do?
Volunteer hours for the last month

Committee Reports:
Scholarship Committee
Audit our books – OK?
Grange Refresh & Facilities Committee

New Business:
Set date for road clean up
Harvest Festival Planning
October 22, 2016

Good of the Order?