Our next meeting is 6:30–7;30 PM,Thurs. January 5th at Tomahawk.

And here is an update on the activities of the Vision Committee so far from Lance Lindsey:

Current Vision Statement-(As stated on the front of our membership application)
“The Mohawk Grange is committed to serving the community through activities for our families, friends, and neighbors.”

Draft Vision Committee Statement-(As of first meeting)
“We envision a grange that connects the community through fun and education for a stronger, sustainable rural life.”

Potential Revision for discussion at next meeting
“The Mohawk Valley Community Grange is committed to serving and connecting our community, promoting sustainable rural living and offering fun activities and events to meet neighbors and make friends.”

The Vision Committee would like input from any grange members. Please email or call Lance with your comments or suggestions.
Lance Lindsey