The recent flooding highlights the need for family and community plans in case of natural or other disasters affecting our valley.

The Mohawk Valley Community Grange is sponsering a meeting to start developing a local plan to use during emergencies and natural disasters on

February 11, 2012.

Mohawk Valley Fire Department, Marcola School District, Red Cross, Lane County Sheriff Department, Grange, Lion’s Club, EPUD, local community churches, community members, and other organizations will be present to pool their expertise and begin planning to respond to community needs in the event of a disaster. Please come and hear what they have to say, get answers to your questions and share your ideas.

10 am until 2 pm

Approx. 10am-noon: presentations/questions and answers

Noon-1pm: lunch provided by the fabulous cooks of the Grange with music and networking

1-2pm: Finalizing the beginning of a plan and where do we go from here?