WELL, we are slowly opening! We still have our meetings on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 6PM. However, the June meeting will be a week later on June 27th. This is because our regular date is Fathers Day! Celebrate the fathers in your life!

We are opening for rentals at the Grange. Let me say the Grange looks and smells wonderful. Our caretakers, Thorp and Kelly have been busy cleaning, refurbishing and improving it. It will surprise and delight anyone looking for a great event venue. Because of the pandemic, we needed to charge for more cleaning time, but it is well worth it!

We still have Bat Guano for sale. That stuff is the best fertilizer ever….contact Teresa Hill at 541-912-1933. $15 a bag with instructions.

We have scheduled our much needed Marcola Road Cleanup….and WOW, does it need it! It is July 24th. We can always use your help. Meet at the Grange at 10:00….usually takes about 2 hours!

We want to restart our Plastic Recycling Collecting, but we need volunteers. If helping our planet and our community is your passion, contact me at lindamooney39361@gmail.com.

Hopefully by fall, we’ll be having those Bingo games and yummy dinners.

Please come and visit and let’s enjoy each other again!