Around the Valley: Family Forest Fair and BBQ Sept. 15 near Brownsville

On September 15, 2012 from 10am to 4:pm the Oregon Woodland Cooperative is hosting a free event for family foresters in the region to learn about income opportunities on their land. President Neil Schroeder says the co-op has recently completed a number of initiatives on value-added timber, nontimber forest products, ecosystem services and other opportunities for the members. The event is a chance to share these accomplishments with the public and to reach out to prospective new members. The event will include information and hands-on demonstrations on firewood bundling, essential oil production, hardwood flooring, medicinal plants, wild foods, figured woods, and other products.  Attendees will have a chance to meet coop members, as well as representatives from OSU College of Forestry, Oregon Department of Forestry and other regional forestry organizations.   There will be activities such as product identification walks and forest sports. All ages are welcome, but most activities will be geared toward adults, as well as teenagers with a strong interest in family forestry.  Lunch is provided.

Space is limited and on a first-come basis so please register as soon as possible at: Registering online helps us out a lot, is simple and doesn’t require you to create an account.  We really appreciate it!  However, if you don’t have Internet access then you can also call 541-505-1870.

Thank you, Eric Jones/Lita Buttolph, Coordinators

Update from the Sheriff’s Meeting (by Laurie Smart)

On Wednesday, June 27 Lane County Sheriff Tom Turner and several of his staff – maybe most of his staff after the severe budget cuts – met with residents of our Mohawk Valley. He spent the first hour or so outlining the duties and responsibilities of the various departments and discussing how the departments will be staffed following the cuts. Then he took questions from residents as to, specifically, how residents can help to minimize the shock of losing most of our already scanty law enforcement coverage.

He stressed that the Sheriff’s office simply does not have the resources to respond to and properly file reports on property crimes: they barely have the resources to respond to life-threatening emergencies. The reporting forms are posted on-line and residents are encouraged to file a complete report in the event a crime occurs. The crime and location will be logged, as well as the serial numbers of any valuables lost. These, then, may be returned in the event of recovery by the Sheriff’s office. Here’s a link to the form »

Please fill one out and send it in if you experience a loss or are the victim of a misdemeanor crime, it’s the only way the sheriff’s office can document the need for more law enforcement.

As a stop-gap measure, Sheriff Turner also talked of revitalizing the Reserve Deputy Program. The Sheriff’s office has plans to offer back-to-back training academies to train volunteer deputies who will be sworn in to assist the sheriff. These may even be utilized to provide patrols in outlying areas, like ours. Here’s a link to the website and more information on the program.

You are encouraged to volunteer.