Plastics Recycling at the Grange

On hold during COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned.

The Grange is a Community Collector, which means we haul the plastics we collect to Lane County sites for recycling.

We will announce upcoming dates for people to bring their clean plastics #2, #4, #5 to the grange. Future dates will be announced when they are determined.
example of #2, #4 & #5 recyclables


Materials must be clean (adhesive labels removed) and sorted in the following material categories:

  • #2 bottles & jugs

  • #2 tubs & lids

  • #4 bottles, tubs & lids

  • #5 bottles, tubs & lids

Depending on what materials you have, this could represent up to (4) four separate categories. Please bring these bagged separately.

Any contamination (wood, dirt, rocks, metal, food, etc.) can damage the equipment that processes plastics. If there is no resin identification symbol or number on the plastic materials, it will not be accepted.

Collected plastics will be taken to Denton Plastics and made into resin that can be used in new products. The resin from recycled plastics is used to make products such as park benches and decking, flower pots, and electronic component parts.

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