Grange Refresh

One of the initiatives that has been started this year is a ‘refresh’ of the Grange building.  It’s a great old building, with ‘good bones,’ as they say, but it is in need of some repairs and updates.  We started the process with lots of brainstorming and input from the membership.  We then approached a local (Eugene) architect, Will Dixon, who has agreed to support the project on a pro bono basis (in case you don’t speak Latin, and aren’t familiar with the term, it means he’s donating his services).  He has started by providing drawings of the building along with some initial thoughts on what a refreshed building might look at (take a look at them here).

The overall reason that we’re doing this is to make the Grange a more attractive, and more inviting environment for members of the Grange and members of the community to utilize for activities.

This is just a first step, and before we go further, we would like to get input from anyone who has any ideas about what we should be doing, short or long term priorities, specific feedback on the drawings, etc.

Please direct your comments to anyone on the board (specifically, Barry Rogers, Robert Russell or Linda Mooney), or post a comment in the section below.

After we finalize our thoughts on direction, we will begin a formal fundraising effort to collect the money necessary to complete the efforts over the next couple of years.  Anyone who has thoughts or ideas in this area is welcome to contact us as well.

Thanks, and we’ll be posting updates and meetings as they get scheduled.

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