Get Involved

Grange members, more than most, are involved in their community!  And like all other Community organizations and organizers, they’re  always looking for help!  Below are short descriptions of a few of the local projects our members are involved in, along with contact information.  So pick something that piques your interest and  get involved, change the community and the world in some small way.  We offer a money back guarantee that you’ll get back, in depth and meaning, much more than you give in your time and talent!


Mohawk Community Grange projects:

  • Road Cleanup on Marcola Road:  the Mohawk Grange sponsors the 1 mile section of Marcola Road that passes by the Grange Hall.  Twice a year we pick up trash and generally clean along the roadside.   Check the calendar for dates!
  • Local Area Preparedness Planning (LEPP):  The LEPP organizers bring together valley residents and experts to provide information on organizing neighborhood and valleywide plans in case of disasters like floods and fires.  Contact Laurie Smart
  • Grange Hall work days:  The historic Mabel Schoolhouse that is our Grange Hall needs constant attention.  Every month or so our members meet at the Hall to clean, fix, upgrade, maintain, and care for this building.
  • Annual Rummage Sale:   Planned for September, contact Joan Barrata
  • Art and Craft Show and Sale:  Held each Spring at the Grange Hall,  contact Laurie Smart
  • Talent Show: Annual fun event showcasing the many and varied talented folks that live here!
  • Holiday Party:  A fun event where we share food, fun, and frivolity celebrating the community and the year end.

Ride Share for Seniors a program to connect drivers with seniors and the disabled who need transportation to shop, health care, and etcl.  Contact Wendy Kimball

Charter School:  Mohawk Valley Charter School  If you would like more information about MVCC, email Claire Hutton at mohawkvalleycommunitycharter@…, or call Joan or Tom Baratta at

Marcola School District Our schools have also experienced severe budget cuts.  There are opportunities to help a local child to be a successful student.  contact the Marcola School District at 541-933-2512 to volunteer.

Mohawk Watershed Partnership:  Dedicated to clean water and restoration of the Mohawk River.  Projects are scheduled regularly and meeting held monthly. Check the website at: contact Jared Weybright 541-687-9076 with questions or to volunteer.

Lions Club meets at the high school.   Check out their website for meeting times, contact info, or to join:

Cemetery:  The Marcola Pioneer Cemetery is undergoing restoration and preservation.  To learn more or volunteer, contact Cindy Parker.