Duties of Officers

In Accordance with the National Grange by-laws, the board of directors shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Program Director, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, and six elected Executive Committee members.  A quorum of the Board of Directors will consist of 5 members.  Following is a list detailing the duties and responsibilities of each of officer.


Duties and Responsibilities



  • Team Leader
  • Open, close and run monthly meetings
  • Be sure all reports and filings are done on time
  • Appoint committees with input from membership
  • Conduct a yearly planning meeting with officers
  • Strive to have a net gain in membership
  • Always have a positive attitude and set a good example

Overseer/Vice President

  • Help president to run meetings
  • Serve on Executive Committee
  • Chaplain
  • Send cards to members who are sick or in distress
  • Report on members who are sick or shut-in
  • Serve on Executive Committee



  • Assist with running meetings
  • Report on sick or shut-in members
  • Serve on Executive Committee


Green titles show LEADERSHIP COLLECTIVE – Substitutes for president when necessary


  • Keep minutes of decisions made during meetings
  • Keep minutes always secure
  • Helps treasurers with quarterly report
  • Keeps state grange and Pomona grange informed of officers’ names, addresses, email


Treasurer(1) – Daily expenses, credit and debit accounts

  • Keeps Grange books in good order
  • Pays bills when approved by grange
  • Checks post office box
  • Prepares quarterly reports
  • Handles bank deposits
  • Gives monthly report at meetings


Treasurer(2)– Membership

  • Keeps records with dates of memberships
  • Sends notices of dues that are due
  • Helps other treasurer with quarterly reports and files IRS 990-N e-Postcard
  • Handles Incorporation fee and paperwork



  • Work with Executive committee to assist with ideas and programs
  • Vary program content to ages and interests of members
  • Be prepared with songs, stunts or skits to lighten things up
  • Inform and work with president and executive committee
  • Take lead on Open House



  • Set up hall for meetings
  • Watch for visitors and introduce them